Thursday, April 05, 2012

Craft she took....without me even knowing

Kids can surprise you anytime..Baby N did the same just few minutes back.

It goes like this...
I was in kitchen preparing lunch and Baby N was busy with her toys..I heard her running all around in house and thought may be she got some new game to play on her own, she was running here and there without me knowing what was up he sleeves..

Then I heard pin drop silence..still my alram (mind alarm) didn't go off....Now the silence was for more than 10's quite strange...infact very very strange.

I peeped out of kitchen and what did I saw...

Her indulgence in a new craft and she was so much concentrating on it , that didn't mind fevicol all around..

My initial reaction : OMG what are you doing and I just took that piece of art from her ... but the very next moment I realised she was enjoying that..
I said "Oh it is sooooooooooo nice and lovely" and one should see the gleaming face. I felt guilty on not appreciating the very first moment I saw.. But then I showed my happiness towards her piece of art and she was so happy that she said she will show this to papa when he comes in evening..

Surely, I said I will get it framed and we will put it on wall.. that made her feel so proud that she said "oh really... thank you mumma"

Here is the first individual art piece:
She took a bottle of fevicol..took a sheet of A4 size lying there.. did some scribbling to it using crayons, then took out 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins from my purse, spread fevicol on coin base and then placed it on the sheet..when she ran out of coins, she took out her play utensils and started fixing them.. you can see the pan fixed over there, before she could fix more, I took the sheet from her..

This is baby N with her another creation, another paper with 2 coins fixed, she gave me and said a gift for you,..

See the face gleaming and full of pride....

Now am planning to preserve this art piece of her's.. ofcourse am going to take the pan off from the sheet..

Am thinking to fix few of her snaps (one or two) on the sheet.. will ask her to take crayon and encircle those coins and would see if she is happy giving the border to the sheet too.. then planning to get it framed..

Any other suggestion you guys can pour in...would love to incorporate and make her first creation the most prized creation..


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Occupied Toddler.......Naah

Is it possible to keep toddler sit at one place continously for more than 20-25 minutes.... Sounds really impossible..atleast in my case where my daugther is a butterfly who keeps fluttering here and there and is a complete chatterbox, keeps on talking talking and more talking.. time comes when we really have to ask her keep mum for atleast five minutes, which she clearly refuses to do so..It becomes more difficult to handle the situation on weekends or on holiday as there is no school....The day acircular comes from school or a note in diary that there won't be school tomorrow and my first expression would be WHAAAT NO SCHOOOOOL TOMORROW , OH NOOOO

:D *Giggles* but this actually happens and first thing that come to my mind would be what will we do all the day :(
All stories have been told, all activities have been performed, no more play dough, no more painting ... then what's left.
Here am jotting few of the activities which we dou perform to keep ourself busy and would like more suggestions coming up in form of your valuable comments which can help us both to learn and enjoy more..

Before writing the activities am listing few of the pre-requisities or some pre-arrangements to be done :
  •  Look for a place where you can perform these activities, it can be any corner of your house, or kids playroom, or it can be your dining table or any other table you can use for the activities.
  • Play mats or some other old mats to be spread around in that corner or table as lot of spilling and mess is expected, better to have some rubber sheets.
  • Lots of newspapers in order to cleanup in end and save the mess.
  • White sheets could be handy too for painting activities.
Rest would write more when I am reminded off...

Now coming to the activities:
Painting all time favourite: I belive colors is favourite of each and every kid... though they would not end up being picasso but they would love to indulge in this activity and can be messy .. Mind you kids love being messy so let them what they are :)
Painting can be taken up in following ways:
  1. Gather non-toxic colors, you can easily find that in stores these days or even can think of making your own herbal colors. Here is a nice article on creating home made colors, made from kitchen ingredients, you can definitly give them try :) Home Made water colors
  2. Play mat/ Plastic Sheet/ Rubber Sheet/Newspapers.
  3. White Papers to be used for kids for their master piece or pieces :P.
  4. Paint brushes.
  5. Sponges, Bubblesheet, leaves, bird feathers... In case your little one is tired of using paint brush again and again .. this will be a welcome change for kid.. believe me they can paint with anything including their toe :)
So what are you waiting for, make the little one sit at the pre-designated place and handover all the material, roll action camera .... Little one will be busy for minimum 20 mins, I bet :D

Don't forget to capture the moments in your camera , you will love watching again and again and even sharing with your near ones :) do share with me too...
This reminds me of my own previous post where N had experience with paints and then my hall and sofa was painted and even the walls... So do keep a watch on that too or you will end up looking for some ingredients to remove stains :)
Incase you want to read that instance too here is the link: Painting Experience

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Sneek peak of the day ahead

Dated" 24th August, 2010   
Time: 11 a.m.
Today Navyaa have a school off on occasion of Rakhi and she is already in to eating up my head as she is bugged up at home and feeling damn bored.

What to do, quick thinking again...
we'll do painting but this time with different things and not brushes...

Things to be used:
Some Sponge
Some crushed aluminium foil
Some leaves

This is all that is coming to my mind right now ...
We going to start in next 10 mins and will keep considering more things used to be paint(will use veggies too but am running out of groceries today. So no potatoes and onions today)

Will post more once we are done and may be with pics if Navyaa allowed me to click few :)

Today no cooking as am planning to share Pasta with Navyaa for lunch :)

Added Later
Time: 2:41 p.m.
We did some painting using the above mentioned things, atleast I think so...
Tell you managing a toddler who wants to explore everything on her own is really difficult..
She'll not give any time to let her explain what is suppose to be done and how all she wants is give everything and leave on her own.
So things I gave her were:
  1. Paint Palate with colors predissolved.
  2. Sponge
  3. Flowers
  4. Leaves
  5. Old toothbrush
  6. cap of old bottle
  7. drawing sheets
She did some painting or rather I should say spreading colors on sheet with every possible thing given and then she mistook sponge to be bath loofah and then the real fun began.... she was bathing herself with color drenched sponge and scrubbing all over her body...
This is how she looked:

Here I would like to advice all the mothers don't ever try to expect that kid will behave as You Think  and expect her to behave. Be prepared for the unexpected things. One more suggestion , I have kept one dress solely for her paint encounters so that am left with only one dress which is spoiled in the end as kids normally don't like to wear aprons and they will always  be messy.
Though she had fun and later she enjoyed bathing too in order to remove all the paint and gave me another chance to scrub floors.
Here are few other pics which I was able to click:

Friday, August 20, 2010

Keeping toddler busy.... next to impossible

Today Navyaa had school off due to Varalakshmi pooja. So I thought let me try keeping her busy like she is in school for another four hours(her school timings) so that she doesn't miss school much and do something interesting too. Let me tell you she loves her school now. Though her initial 2 hours of school were managed by her papa as I was busy preparing breakfast and lunch and then sachin declared he is leaving for office in another ten minutes. Now Navyaa is sole responsibilty of mine and so is the job to keep her occupied. It is really difficult to make a toddler busy that too if the toddler is like who wants new activities every 10 mins.

After a quick thinking I thought of using idea from Kids and Parents forum and decided her to give some bowls, vessels, cups, glasses and some solid uncooked stuff for pouring. I took following things:
  1. A big steel bowl
  2. Two plastic containers
  3. Her pouring cup and shovel from her sand set
  4. Small Funnel
  5. Half cup kidney beans and Half cup chick peas
  6. Steel spoon
I made her sit on carpet and gave all the stuff and let her on her own. I gave her all this around 12 p.m. She actually enjoyed  pouring it from one container to another using bowl, cup, shovel, spoon , funnel all which was in her reach. I was happy that am able to concentrate on my work in kitchen. In betweeen I was keeping an eye on her as she sometimes was popping the kidney beans or chick peas in her mouth. So this was one task not to let her put this stuff in her mouth. Another task was to keep her occupied at the same place and not letting her roam all over house(which was tough) Lo ji in just 20 minutes she was done with all this and  now again bored up and giving me silly looks. So I asked her to put all the chickpeas and kidney beans in one container and give it back to me. Surprisingly she did it. But Now what next. I replaced those with moong pulses. She was happy again with smaller pulses now in big container. Same activities started for another 20 minutes. Anyhow I was happy that I stole few more minutes to finish up the pending chores.
I came out of kitchen and lo what I see. To my surprise(which actually was obvious) I found pulses all over dining room and living room's floor scattered, and she was enjoying scattering them further. Felt like screaming on her... but who invited this me tried my best not to let my BP raise. I asked her to keep the pulses back in the bowl and this time she refused and get back to her drawing book and crayons and I was left there with pulses scattered all over and yes I forgot to mention half of the pulses soaked in water too as she got hold of her water bottle and soaked few of them in bowl.

May be blessing in disguise as I quickly decided on my dinner... so collected whole lot of pusles, washed them thorughly to soak them in water , which eventually will turn out as moong salad in evening.

So I was able to keep her busy for almost one hour and she kept me busy in extra cleaning for 35 minutes.
So score card is again Me Zero and Navyaa One... She happily had her lunch and went to sleep and am here writing the post.

Yes I captured few of the moments too which I will share later maybe tonight

Added Later:
Here are the pics I was able to capature while she was busy pouring stuff :)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Another Activity in row

Tomorrow again is going to be mumma beti day. Though I haven't thought of any particular activity for her but still we are definitly going to work on some activity together. One thing is for sure finger painting is on the list. Have searched few websites and have got real great ideas too.

Lets see how the things shape up as shopping is also on the agenda moreover Navyaa and Sachin both are down with cold and cough too , so maybe things don't turn out as thought.

There are few things which I have made list of to do shopping for Navyaa:
  1. Play dough. (Though I have even read of recipe for making the dough at home. Will try that too)
  2. Doodle Pro
  3. Bead Making (Real big beads and quite thick thread for her to make necklace, although I think she is quite young to perform this activity but still will try, you can never judge kids intelligence)
  4. Some Puzzles as I think she is now bored of her blocks

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Navyaa's first artwork

Today I gave Navyaa a plain sheet with few drops of child safe colours. Navyaa was very curious to see what mumma is doing, and as expected she didn't even let me explain her what to do with the colours. She simply used her fingers to feel what is these drops and then all of a sudden she was giving her master strokes, she saw brush lying there and without me explaining her , she was there painting the plain sheet. Soon the first sheet was done and I replaced it with another sheet and she continued painting the sheet. She was enjoying it so much that she didn't want to stop. I have to ask her that this is enough painting for today, we will do painting tomorrow now.

She was happy to see her painted sheets and acknowledged her satisfaction by clapping.
Here are few glimpse of her painting session.
This is the first sheet which I gave her.
Here she started having the feel of colours by mixing them with her hands.

Here you can see her so invloved in the painting.

And these are her two piece of initial artwork. Am proud of her..

Navyaa's art display

It's been long long time I wrote any post. I created this blog to display my art work which I hardly did any.  Didn't got much time is my obvious excuse. After having Navyaa I hardly wrote anything. Infact I think I have forgot writing too , so this post my sound kiddish or immature to you guys...

Now am thinking of using this space for display of navyaa's artwork. From today onwards am thinking of starting spend some quality time with Navyaa. Have read somewhere kids can be real creative and imaginative so am going to make her explore her own world. Let her explore new things everyday as and when they come.....

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Pot painting...........colors medley

Our company is celebrating it's annual day and organizing lots of events everyday, Final Gala will be on 7th July,2006. Me novice to everything, as I dunno about singing, nor I can dance, I cannot play cricket or TT, Nor can I do any mono acting or skit.. Was wondering whether I can actually do anything or not,
And they annouced one more event Pot Decoration...... Sounds something which I can try my hands on, Although Never painted or decorated any pot in my life, still I wanted that I should take part in atleast one event, whether I should win or not still should participate, so I too gave my name into that. Without knowing what am actually going to do there.

It was organized yesterday, July 4th. So me too went there with some colors, some glue, some other decoration items (I purchased colors specially for this event on 3rd July, although went for glass paints instead, so that I can use them later also even if I didn't win :P ) Yeah no wonder I spent 500 bucks on colors and all ;) but atleast I can continue using them for other things so no issues :D

Okie I was there yesterday, some 10 associates participated and were given a 15 inch small pot rather I shall say vase and given 60 minutes to finish it. Hmm I dunno I wanted to do something and ended up doing something else and even I ran shot of adhesive, so came out with some colors medley, Posting a pic of the same.

Results are yet to be declared, never mind..... I tried :P
P.S. Will post the sketch I talked about in previous post very soon,

Updated later I won first prize in this :)