Sunday, July 04, 2010

Navyaa's first artwork

Today I gave Navyaa a plain sheet with few drops of child safe colours. Navyaa was very curious to see what mumma is doing, and as expected she didn't even let me explain her what to do with the colours. She simply used her fingers to feel what is these drops and then all of a sudden she was giving her master strokes, she saw brush lying there and without me explaining her , she was there painting the plain sheet. Soon the first sheet was done and I replaced it with another sheet and she continued painting the sheet. She was enjoying it so much that she didn't want to stop. I have to ask her that this is enough painting for today, we will do painting tomorrow now.

She was happy to see her painted sheets and acknowledged her satisfaction by clapping.
Here are few glimpse of her painting session.
This is the first sheet which I gave her.
Here she started having the feel of colours by mixing them with her hands.

Here you can see her so invloved in the painting.

And these are her two piece of initial artwork. Am proud of her..

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